Growing Rates of Obesity and Related Co-Morbidities, Availability of Insurance Coverage Among Key Drivers of Growth in Bariatric Devices and Surgery Markets

Marketstrat had recently conducted research on the US and EU Markets for Bariatric Care Products which found that the US and EU Market for Bariatric Care Products was estimated at about $2 billion in 2013. The US accounted for over 60% of revenues while major European markets accounted for about 25%.

  • Key Product Segments: Weight-loss surgery devices comprise the largest revenue segment followed by bariatric wheelchairs.
  • Key Market Trends: Obesity rates are high in the US and growing fast in Europe. Demand for bariatric care products in clinical and non-clinical settings will continue to rise. Technological innovation is focused in the weight-loss surgical devices sector.
  • Key Drivers: Growing rates of obesity and related co-morbidities, availability of insurance coverage, increasing numbers of surgeons trained in bariatric procedures, rising demand for bariatric products due to expansion of healthcare facilities that provide bariatric care and safe-handling policies in facilities to reduce worker-injuries. Increasing prevalence of weight-loss surgery procedures is due to established evidence of their effectiveness in reducing health risks related to comorbidities in severely obese patients. Mounting evidence for similar benefits in overweight people will add momentum to this trend.
  • Key Restraints: Capital purchase and maintenance costs for bariatric furniture and patient handling devices; establishing or expanding bariatric care facilities requires additional safe-handling training requirements to prevent occupational injuries related to bariatric patient care; for weight-loss surgery, the high rate of complications is slowing growth, entry barriers are high for certain segments as surgical devices.
  • Leaders: Invacare, Arjo-Huntleigh, Hill-Rom, Ethicon, Apollo Endosurgery and Covidien are the leaders in the bariatric care market. Other¬†significant players offering a diverse bariatric products portfolio are Medline, Burke Bariatric, and ConvaQuip.
Bariatric Equipment and Surgery Ecosystem

Bariatric Equipment and Surgery Ecosystem