World market for Endoscopic Visualization Devices expected to grow at more than 8% CAGR, driven by R&D, electronic medical records and integrated medical information systems

The world market for endoscopic visualization devices is expected to grow at more than 8% CAGR over the next seven years to over $5.7 billion by 2018.  The market is characterized by endoscopy and medical device giants like Olympus and Stryker that offer a broad spectrum of visualization devices from camera heads to printers, audio-visual giants like Sony and a number of niche players.

Manufacturers are focusing R & D efforts on application, ergonomics, latest information technology devices, workflow and cost-efficiency.  This in turn is helping to sustain a vibrant market for visualization devices. End-users are vying to acquire the latest scopes, HD cameras and flat-panel LCD monitors for their superior visualization capability for both diagnostic and surgical procedures.

Expanding use of electronic medical records and integrated medical information systems in established medical markets, calls for premium devices.  The latest endoscopy systems come with software that allows real-time image analysis and storage, e.g. Pentax’s EndoPRO iQ software suite with their HD Motion Picture Studio (HD MPS) allows image-inset in electronic reports. It can also store and catalog video segments for rapid keyword searches.

Medical endoscopy imaging giants continue to innovate, offering technologies like Narrow-band imaging or NBI (Olympus), Multiband Imaging or MBI (Fujifilm), OLED monitors (Sony), 3D-HD systems (Viking), EVIS EXERA III scopes (Olympus), PillCam capsule series for GI endoscopy (Given Imaging), full HD endoscopy systems, LED light sources, etc.

Recent cutting-edge technologies developed by niche players include the GIScribe, BronchoScribe and GynaeScribe series (from Computer Science) which convert data captured into clinical text that can be inserted into a report along with images; the CMOS Native Full HD 1080p Endoscopy Camera with true 1920 x 1080p resolution that does not require digital up-scaling of image data (Scholly Fiberoptic) and the advanced analytical software for medical endoscopy called eGoWorks® (Envisioner Medical Technologies Inc.) that allows cloud storage and online collaboration.

Marketstrat’s report on the world market for Endoscopic Visualization Devices provides revenue estimates and forecasts for the 2011 to 2018 period.  Product segments comprise of endoscopy cameras, light sources, medical monitors and printers, capsule workstations, and endoscopes. Also discussed are competitive factors and strategies such as maintain a strong product pipeline of innovative devices, mergers and acquisitions, offering a range of more economical products and procedure-specific payment plans.


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